For practical tattoo specifically, the pores and skin turns into a real canvas! The tattoo gun with its ink and needles takes the place of pencils and watercolours, tempera and oils, creating pictures that appear to dwell and breathe.

Lena Art, Tattoo Art, Karlsruhe, Germany
Lena Artwork, Tattoo Artwork, Karlsruhe, Germany

Even the terminology used on this model brings the high-quality arts to thoughts: color palette, chiaroscuro, highlights, three-dimensionality and trompe l’oeil are among the many phrases used to explain the tattoos on this gallery.

Matthew James, Seventeen Swords, Bristol, UK
Matthew James, Seventeen Swords, Bristol, UK

Portraits of celebrities and odd folks, well-known scenes from motion pictures, smouldering eyes, particulars of animal fur and the carapace of bugs all seem in these pages, a sworn statement to the undisputed expertise of the artists.

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